Sunday, January 29, 2012

Checking and Documenting Federal Debarment Status of Vendors

Sometimes public agencies are subject to audit findings, not because they don't know the requirements, but because they don't document compliance with the requirements.

No Documentation of Compliance:  The Washington State Auditor's Office recently issued an audit finding against the Housing Authority of Kittitas County for failure to ensure that a vendor on a federally-funded project was not on the federal suspension and debarment list.

Response from Housing Authority:  The Housing Authority stated that they did check the suspension and debarment status of the vendor in question.  However, they couldn't provide the auditor evidence that they had done so.  They commented that they were unaware they had to retain documentation demonstrating compliance with this requirement.

Check and Document:  Federal suspension and debarment status may be checked by going to and printing out the results to keep in the contract file.
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