Thursday, March 9, 2023

2 New Books I've Written


Public Works Resource Guide: I have written a Public Works Resource Guide for Washington state's Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC). The online book is being edited now and hopefully will be available by late spring or early summer at It is a best practices guide to everything about public construction contracting. The main sections of the book are as follows:


Memoir: I have also written a candid and vulnerable memoir titled Reflections of an Uncertain Journey about my now almost four-year journey dealing with a lethal and incurable cancer (metastatic prostate cancer).

The book will be released by the publisher on March 17, 2023, but is now available for preorder. Paperback or eBook. Amazon link.

The following is the table of contents for the book:



My Journey Past

1. Health History
2. Vocational History
3. Faith History
4. Emotional History


Physical Journey

5. Diagnosis
6. Traditional Treatments
7. Alternative Treatments
8. Advocacy
9. Co-Healing
10. Pain
11. Waiting

Emotional Journey

12. Sadness
13. Unfairness
14. Grief
15. Despair
16. Tears
17. Future-Tripping
18. Counseling

Spiritual Journey

19. Equilibrium
20. Submission
21. Heaven
22. Dreams

Companions for the Journey

23. Deepening Friendships
24. No Regrets
25. Cultivating Friendships
26. Rotating Friends
27. Friends Ease Loneliness
28. Tangible Tokens
29. The Fire Pit
30. Support Groups

My Journey Remembered

31. Legacy
32. Legacy of Lives
33. Legacy of Words
34. Legacy of Possessions

The Journey Ahead

35. Relief
36. Joy on the Journey
37. An Uncertain Journey
38. Onward in Faith




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