Sunday, January 9, 2011

Washington State Legislature Convenes January 10, 2011

The Washington State Legislature convenes on January 10, 2011 to address a large budget shortfall and other matters.

There has been discussion of a number of issues affecting public works contracting that may end up being introduced as legislation, or that may wait until 2012.  

Legislation that may be introduced includes the following:
  • GC/CM:  Protest procedures relating to the selection of mechanical and electrical subcontractors, selected early in the life of a GC/CM project.
  • Best Value:  A pilot program for Best Value selection of contractors on public works projects.
  • Retainage:  Exemptions from withholding retainage on federally funded highway and transportation projects to comply with federal regulations.
I will be providing updates during the legislative session on bills of interest.
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