Thursday, January 6, 2011

Federal Funding Brings Federal Requirements

Public Agencies:  If your agency receives federal funding for any project, whether for construction, services, or otherwise, make sure you read the terms of the grant in order to comply with any federal requirements.

Contractors:  If you are a contractor or consultant doing business with state or local public agencies, read carefully the requirements of public solicitations and contracts, especially in order to comply with federal requirements.

Debarment and Suspension:  One of the most common federal requirements is that public agencies receiving federal funding check to ensure that the firm they are contracting with is not debarred or suspended from participating on federally funded projects.  The requirement applies for contract amounts exceeding $25,000.

Audit Finding:  In a recent audit from the Washington State Auditor's Office, the auditors found that the Washington State Fruit Commission failed to check whether ten vendors with cumulative contracts exceeding $860,000 were debarred or suspended from participating on federally funded contracts.  The Commission indicated they were unaware of the federal requirement.
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