Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Public Works Contract Language Required as of September 1, 2010

For public works contracts entered into as of September 1, 2010 or later, public agencies in the State of Washington must include language addressing the requirements of Engrossed House Bill 2805, approved by the Legislature in the spring. 

More Information About EHB 2805:  This new law imposes new reporting requirements for contractors and subcontractors hiring firms from out of state to provide off-site, prefabricated, project specific, non-standard items for a public works project.  I've written about the details of this new requirement in previous blog entries.

Standard Language Available:  The General Administration Department (GA) has developed language that public agencies may use in their public works contracts.  Click here to go to GA's website for the language (see the link for "Off-Site Prefabricated Language - HB 2805").

Practical Tip:  Make sure you have included appropriate language in your public works contracts addressing the requirements of EHB 2805.

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