Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Check if a Contractor is Debarred

Many states maintain an online list of contractors who have been debarred from bidding on and being awarded public works contracts for various violations of state laws, including but not limited to prevailing wage infractions.

The federal government also has a comprehensive online database of contractors and other businesses prohibited from bidding on or being awarded federally funded contracts.

In addition, some local jurisdictions maintain a list of debarred contractors.

Failure of public agencies to check state and/or federal debarment lists is a frequent audit finding against public agencies. After checking whether a contractor is debarred, a public agency must maintain documentation in the contract file with a printout from the applicable website indicating the contractor is not debarred.

Failure to check the appropriate list of debarred contractors may result in a public agency using a contractor with a poor performance record that may result in significant problems in the administration of a project.

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