Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Important to the State Auditor

The Washington State Auditor's Office has published a 3-page document entitled "Basics of Bid Law" summarizing public works bid requirements and common mistakes made by public agencies.  It is included as part of the resources in their Local Government Performance Center. 

Strengths and weaknesses:  While the document is fairly general and has some errors and misleading statements, it is nevertheless a helpful window into understanding the issues that the auditor is most concerned about. 

Outline of document:  The following is the high-level outline of the major topics included in the Basics of Bid Law document:
  • Plans, specifications and estimated cost
  • Competitive bid process
  • Small works roster (<$300,000)
  • Limited public works projects (<$35,000)
  • On-call contracting for public works projects
  • Other compliance requirements
Basics of Bid Law:  Click here to view the Basics of Bid Law document.

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