Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Turning a Good Contract into a Good Project

I spoke this afternoon in downtown Seattle at a seminar entitled "Public Works Contracting: How to Get the Best Value from a Weak Economy."  

It was sponsored by the law firm of Foster Pepper PLLC and was attended by almost 50 people from government agencies across the state (plus another more than 30 by webinar).

My topic was "Project Management: Turning a Good Contract into a Good Project."  Here's an outline of my speech:

4 Foundations for a Good Contract
  • Work with the Designer
  • Pick the Right Delivery Method
  • Tune-up Your Bidding and Contract Documents
  • Allocate and Manage Risk
5 Foundations for a Good Project
  • Pick the Right Contractor
  • Evaluate if a Bid is Too Low 
  • Manage the Contract and Project
  • Negotiate Change Orders
  • Document for Audits 
Other Topics and Speakers:  Here are the other topics and speakers:
  • Low Price - Good Value?  Establishing Bidder Responsibility and Performance Capacity (Steve DiJulio)
  • When Low Price is Not Enough - Utilizing Alternative Procurement Methods (Greg Guedel)
  • The View from the Other Side - Contractor Perspectives on Facilitating Project Success (Tom Peterson)
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