Sunday, August 14, 2011

City Awards $1.37 Million to Consultant Without Competition

Over the last four years, the City of Wilsonville, Oregon has awarded $1.37 million of consultant contracts to a company headed by the City's former transit agency director, without any competition, raising ethical questions of whether the City's procurement regulations were followed or whether special preferences were given.

Cynthia Thompson
No Competition:  Cynthia Thompson is the former employee who now owns BCB Consulting.  She left City employment about ten years ago, and got her first consultant contract with the City in 2007.  Last December, she was awarded an $800,000 consultant contract.  Neither of these two contracts or the ones in between were awarded after any competitive selection process, despite the City's requirements that at least three proposals are received for any personal services contract over $10,000. 

Mixed Reactions:  While some City staff and officials defended the actions, others indicated an interest in finding out more about why the contracts were awarded without the required competition.

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Fred Siegel said...

The part that frightens me the most is that some of the officials defended the decision.

Where are the citizens of Wilsonville in calling for an investigation and inquiry? I hope they stay on top of this and not let it fade way as the politicos hope.