Thursday, June 24, 2010

Construction Industry Market Analysis Reports

Jim Schug, a consultant with FMI Corporation, a management consulting and investment banking firm for the construction industry, was kind enough to share the following three FMI documents that may be of interest:
  • Construction Outlook, 1st Quarter 2010 Report.  "The construction industry should prepare for another year of decline in nonresidential construction.  Construction lost 64,000 more jobs in February."
  • 2010 Project Management Survey of 141 construction companies.  The survey identifies the key drivers behind the profitable and successful management of construction projects.
  • New Day, New Strategy: Repositioning After the Great Recession.  The article looks ahead at the challenges and opportunities.   It "also looks at current strategies of leading firms in various markets, and other recommendations on how to engage customers, tackle competitors and deal with company-related issues in the new market environment."
Please contact me if you would like me to e-mail a copy of any of these documents.

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