Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Port of Seattle Disciplines Employees over Contracting Fraud

On Tuesday, December 9, 2008, two Port of Seattle employees resigned and CEO Tay Yoshitani disciplined seven additional Port employees for their role in fraudulent contracting activity.

The actions come after a critical audit of the Port's construction contracting management practices and a recent report that identified ten instances of fraud committed by Port employees.

  • John Rothnie, project manager for the third runway project
  • Larry McFadden, general manager of Port Construction Services
Suspended without pay:
  • Ray Rawe, chief engineer (3 week suspension)
  • David Soike, deputy director of aviation (1 week suspension)
  • Paul Powell, contract services manager (1 week suspension)
  • Robert Riley, director of airport capital improvement (1 week suspension)
  • Linda Stout, deputy CEO
  • Craig Watson, general counsel
  • Mark Reis, airport director
The summary of the Port's actions may be found by clicking here.

More information may be found in the Seattle Times story, or by visiting the Port of Seattle's website.

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