Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RFP/RFQ Evaluation Rating Forms

In developing an evaluation form for members of the evaluation committee who will review and score proposals and qualifications (submitted in response to RFPs and RFQs), make it easy for the evaluators.

Practice Tip:  Include the complete evaluation criteria on the evaluation form so that evaluators don't have to flip back to the RFP or RFQ to see the details of the criteria.

Evaluation Basis Not Consistent:  If you only include a summary or headline of the evaluation criteria on the evaluation form, chances are that many of your evaluation committee members will not actually refer back to the RFP or RFQ, and thus they will be rating the proposals and qualifications on less than the full evaluation criteria that you published as the basis of evaluation.  You will then essentially have evaluation committee members rating firms on an unequal basis, with some evaluators looking at the full evaluation criteria, and others only looking at the heading of the criteria.

Make Your Evaluation Criteria Count:  Evaluation criteria are a critical component of RFPs and RFQs as they establish what is important to you in making a selection of the most qualified firm.  It is important that the evaluation criteria then be actually used in the evaluation process to ensure you get the best possible result.

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