Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You Reporting Public Works Projects Over $5 Million to Washington State's CPARB?

If you're a public agency in Washington State, you are required to report certain data on public works projects over $5 million to the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB).

Applies to All Public Works Projects:  This data collection requirement is part of CPARB fulfilling a legislative mandate, and includes not just Alternative Public Works projects (Design-Build, GC/CM, and Job Order Contracting) that many people typically associate with CPARB, but includes traditional Design-Bid-Build projects as well.

Amount and Date Thresholds:  The reporting requirements apply to all Alternative Public Works projects and traditional public works projects which:
  • Total over $5 million, and
  • Have a design contract or design-build contract in place after June 2005
Reporting at Start and Finish of Projects:  Public agencies should have started the reporting process as of October 1, 2008 by completing the online survey that consists of two parts:
  • Part 1 - Planned project information should be entered near the beginning of the project.
  • Part 2 - Completed/actual project information to be entered at the completion of the project.
More Information:  For more information public agencies should contact David Edison at David.Edison@ga.wa.gov with the following information in order to receive login information:
  • Agency
  • Project Name
  • Project Contact Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
CPARB Website:  For more information, you can also visit CPARB's website on data collection.

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