Thursday, May 6, 2010

Training: Bid Receipt-Opening & Contract Close-out

I spoke on Thursday, May 6, 2010 in Tacoma, Washington at two workshops as part of the 66th annual conference of the Washington Association of School Business Officials (WASBO)

The first workshop (one hour) was on "Receiving and Opening Public Works Bids" and included the following broad topics:
  • Building the Public's Trust
  • Receiving Bids
  • Bid Opening
  • Evaluating Bids After Bid Opening
  • GC/CM Specific Issues
The second workshop (2 hours) was on "Public Works Contract Close-out: Bonds, Retainage, and Claims" and covered the following topics:
  • Purpose and Management of Retainage
  • Payment Bonds
  • Completion Dates
  • Notification to State Agencies and Public
  • Filing, Renewal, and Releasing Claims
  • Pre-Claim Notices
  • Foreclosure and Payment
  • When to Release Retainage
  • Preventing Payment Disputes
The close-out workshop was a condensed version of a 6 hour class that I have taught a number of times around the State of Washington.

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