Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Most Effectively Structure Addenda

There is no such thing as a perfect set of bidding documents for a public works construction project, and so public agencies must inevitably issue addenda, amending certain portions of the documents.

But what is the most effective way to communicate the changes or additions to the bidding documents?  It really all depends on the nature of the changes.  

Here are a couple of methods that are used:
  1. Describe the changes in a narrative manner.  In other words, you might state something like this:  "The second sentence of paragraph 1.03 of Section 01 50 00 of the specifications is amended to read as follows:________."  This method works well if you don't have a lot of changes and the changes are relatively insignificant.
  2. Reissue the documents.  If you have a lot of changes and describing them in a narrative manner would make it harder for bidders to see clearly and quickly the nature of the changes, you might want to reissue the section being changed.  Unless the entire section is new or there are significant changes to it, consider reissuing the section in track changes so the bidders do not have to read and compare the old version and the new version, but can quickly see at a glance what is being changed.
 Determining the best method for communicating the changes will depend on the situation.  Think about what will be most clear and easiest for the bidders to understand.

Note:  Remember that "Addendum" is singular ("Addendum #1)," while "Addenda" is plural ("Five addenda were issued for the project.").

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