Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is "Bid Shopping" and "Bid Peddling"?

John P. Ahlers
Well known and respected Seattle construction attorney John P. Ahlers has written two very helpful blogs on everything you need to know about "bid shopping" and "bid peddling."

Rather than attempt to repeat the concepts, I refer you to his to his very readable and well written blogs as noted below that not only defines these practices, but explains Washington state law (RCW 39.30.060), the Subcontractor Listing Statute that applies to all public works projects estimated to cost $1 million or more. 

A Primer on Bid Shopping in Public Contracts - Part I
  • Bid Shopping Defined
  • Defense to Promissory Estoppel
  • Subcontractor Listing Requirement (Public Works Contracts)
  • Does Listing a Subcontractor Convey Acceptance of its Bid?
A Primer on Bid Shopping in Public Contracts - Part II
  • Subcontractor's Private Right of Action
  • 2002 Amendments to the Subcontractor Listing Statute
  • Reasons for Substitution Exempted Under the Subcontractor Listing Statute

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