Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Demystifying Public Works Bidding and Contracting

On September 5, 2013, I was in Ephrata, Washington providing an all day training session for the Grant County Public Utility District staff on Demystifying Public Works Bidding and Contracting.

Here's an outline of the training I provided:

Types of Public Works Contracts
  • By agency staff
  • Advertised Public Works
  • Small Works Roster (Limited public works)
  • On-Call Public Works
  • Alternative Public Works (GC/CM, Design-Build, Job Order Contracting)
Bid and Agency Limits on Performing Public Works

What is a Public Work? 
  • What is Ordinary Maintenance?
  • Is Maintenance a Public Work?
Why Aren't Bidders More Careful?
  • Why Do Bidders Make Mistakes?
  • Missing Bid Prices
  • Conflict Between Numbers and Words
  • Bid Calculation Errors
  • Claims of Error
Is Your Bidder Playing Games?
  • Bid is Too Low
  • Unbalanced Bids
  • Conditioned or Qualified Bids
Will the Real Low Bidder Please Stand Up?
  • Additive and Alternate Bids
  • Tie Bids
  • Responsive Bids
  • Responsible Bidders
  • Local Bid Preference
  • Bid Protests and Appeals
When You Don't Want a Check
  • Purpose of Bid Guarantees
  • Types of Bid Guaranties
  • The Risks of Checks
  • Are Bid Guarantees Required on Small Works Roster Projects?
  • Amount of Bid Guarantees
  • Restrictions on Bid Bond Amounts
  • What is a Power of Attorney?
  • How Much Does a Bid Bond Cost?
  • When Should You Return Bid Bonds?
  • Checklist for Bid Bonds
Payment and Performance Bonds
  • Purpose of Payment and Performance Bonds
  • Why Should You Get 2 Separate Bonds?
  • Bonds vs. Insurance
  • Are Bonds Required on All Public Works Projects?
  • When Should the Bonds Be Obtained?
  • What Happens if You Fail to Get the Bonds?
  • Should the Bonds Cover Change Orders?
  • Should the Bonds Cover Sales Tax?
  • Are Bonds Ever Forged?
  • What Happens if the Contractor Defaults?
  • Checklist for Bonds
When Bad Things Happen During Construction
  • Front Loaded Schedule of Values
  • Dealing with a Change Order Artist
  • Prevailing Wages Not Paid
  • Subcontractors and Suppliers Not Paid
  • Work Not Completed on Time
  • Punch List Work Not Completed
  • Warranty Work Ignored by Contractor
Public Works Contract Close-out
  • Who Does Retainage Protect?
  • Completion Dates
  • Filing, Renewing, and Releasing Claims
  • Pre-Claim Notices
  • Foreclosure and Payment
  • Release of Retainage
  • What Happens if There's Not Enough Retainage
  • Check Your Bidding and Contract Documents
Questions:  If you'd like to talk about me providing this training for your agency or association, please contact me.
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