Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Design-Build Proposal Workshop

Design-Build Proposal Workshop for Businesses

About Design-Build:  The traditional model for public works construction contracts has been what is known as "Design-Bid-Build" or "Hard Bid," in which the lowest responsible bidder with a responsive bid is awarded the project.  Increasingly, many public agencies are experimenting with alternative project delivery methods, including Design-Build and Construction Manager at Risk (known in Washington State as GC/CM - or General Contractor/Construction Manager).  In Washington State, these alternative methods are authorized by RCW 39.10.

Why should contractors and designers care about Design-Build?  With more public agencies using Design-Build, projects that traditionally were awarded to the low bidder are now being awarded based on a combination of qualifications and price.  Submitting a proposal for a Design-Build project requires a whole different set of skills than simply estimating a project and submitting a bid.  As the market shifts more toward Design-Build (and GC/CM), contractors and designers need to understand these new models.  This workshop will help firms think through issues related to submission of Design-Build proposals.
When:  Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

Where:  Everett Performing Arts Center (2710 Wetmore Ave., Everett, WA)

Sponsored by:  USDOT's Northwest Small Business Transportation Resource Center and City of Seattle

Cost:  Free

Workshop Objectives:  
  • How to position yourself to respond to an RFP or RFQ 
  • How to make an intelligent "go/no-go" decision
  • How to read an RFQ and outline a proposal
  • How to respond and answer the "why" question - "Why hire this firm?"
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