Wednesday, October 31, 2012

13 Scary Things About Public Works Contracting

On October 31, 2012, I spoke at a public works contracting seminar sponsored by the law firm Foster Pepper, PLLC in downtown Seattle.   

In keeping with the fact that the event was held on Halloween, my topic was "13 Scary Things About Public Works Contracting."

13 Scary Things:  Here is the list of the 13 scary things I spoke about, offering tips on how to manage each of them:
  1. Definition of Public Works is Confusing
  2. The Low Bid is Too Low
  3. Cash or Check as Bid Guaranty
  4. Bid is Unbalanced
  5. Bidder Isn't Qualified
  6. Forged Payment and Performance Bond
  7. Front Loaded Schedule of Values
  8. Dealing with a Change Order Artist
  9. Prevailing Wages Not Paid
  10. Subcontractors and Suppliers Not Paid
  11. Work Not Completed on Time
  12. Punch List Items Not Completed
  13. Warranty Work Ignored by Contractor  
Audio of event:  The event was audio recorded and I hope to be able to post a link of it on my blog soon.

Video of 2011 speech:  I spoke in 2011 at Foster Pepper's public works seminar on the topic of "Project Management:  Turning a Good Contract into a Good Project."  Click on the following link to watch the video of that event.

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