Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can Businesses Access Your Business Opportunities from Mobile Devices?

In our increasingly mobile world, we are seeing more and more Apps being developed for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).

An App for business opportunities?  Many public agencies publicize business opportunities for bidding and proposals on either their own website or on a third party website.
  • Has your agency considered developing an App to make your business opportunities available more easily for contractors and vendors?  
  • Is there an App available from the third party website where you publicize your bids and proposals?
2 new free Apps:  Although not directly related to agency business opportunities, here are two new apps that may be of interest:
  • MRSC City + Town Officials Directory: This comprehensive database published by the Municipal Research and Services Center includes the names, positions, and contact information for elected officials and key employees of the 281 cities and towns in the state of Washington.  It also includes useful information on local government, such as city hall addresses, phone numbers, population, classes of government, and much more.  Click here to view the database online, or below to view information about the App for your mobile device:
  • NIGP 2014 Annual Forum: The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) will hold their Annual Forum in Philadelphia from August 23-27, 2014.  They have developed a very useful App for attendees with information about:
    • Names and agencies of all attendees (ability to create a list of your contacts)
    • Times, locations, speaker information, presentation material for workshops and other events (ability to create your own schedule for what you'll be attending)
    • Names and locations of exhibitors
    • Floor plans
    • And more

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