Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Protect Your Physical Assets

Public agencies spend a lot of money developing or improving facilities, whether it is a building, utility system, wastewater treatment plant, airport, jail, or any number of different types of public improvements. 

Plan for security:  Part of the planning process for any public works construction project should be to plan for the security of the completed project in order to protect the physical asset from:
  • Malicious vandalism
  • Terrorism
Conduct risk assessment:  For each facility, agencies should conduct a risk assessment to determine the:
  • Likelihood of some form of attack
  • Impacts of the facility not being continually operational
  • Costs associated with implementing appropriate protective measures (security cameras, fencing, etc.). 
Accessibility of drawings:  Another related issue stems from whether drawings for a project being bid should always be made public online.  The trend in public procurement is for all bid documents to be available through either the agency or third party websites.  However, there are risks associated with making plans for some projects so readily available publicly through the Internet.  Click here to read my earlier blog on this issue.

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