Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bidding Problems and Alligators

I was in Tampa, Florida on April 10 (also my 60th birthday!!) teaching an all day class on "When Bad Things Happen to Bids: Strategies for Ensuring a Successful Public Construction Project."  

Sign outside the classroom at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa

Holding an alligator!  During the lunch break, I got to hold an alligator that an instructor from another class had brought in!  
Mike Purdy holding a Florida alligator!

Additional offerings of the course:  I'm scheduled to be teaching this NIGP sponsored class again this year in Texas (San Marcos and McKinney), Ohio (Cleveland), Minnesota (Bloomington), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), and Maryland (Annapolis).

Course outline:  Here's an outline of the course "When Bad Things Happen to Bids":

Why Aren’t Bidders More Careful?
  • Why Do Bidders Make Mistakes?
  • Missing Bid Prices
  • Conflict Between Numbers and Words
  • Bid Calculation Errors
  • Claims of Error
Is Your Bidder Playing Games?
  • Bid is Too Low
  • Unbalanced Bids
  • Conditioned or Qualified Bids
Will the Real Low Bidder Please Stand Up?
  • Additive and Alternate Bids
  • Tie Bids
  • Responsive Bids
  • Responsible Bidders
  • Local Bid Preferences
  • Bid Protests and Appeals
  • Conflicts of Interest
What Can You Do to Manage Bidding?
  • What Should Be on the Bid Form?
  • Why Should You Limit Submissions with the Bid?
  • On What Days Should You Not Receive Bids?
  • When is a Bid Late?
  • When Should You Take a Bid Guaranty?
More information about the course:  Visit NIGP's website for additional information about the course. 

Other NIGP courses:  I'm also teaching the following two classes for NIGP:
  • Best Practices for Developing Successful Public Construction Bid Documents
  • Tools for Ensuring Contractor Performance on Public Construction Projects
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