Monday, March 24, 2014

Bill Requiring Certified Payroll Reports Not Approved by Legislature

The Washington State Legislature did not approve a bill (HB 2331) that would have required public agencies to withhold payment to contractors until receipt of weekly certified payroll reports from the contractor and all subcontractors.  It passed the House, but did not come to a vote in the Senate.

Responsibilities and liabilities:  While the bill stated that public agencies would have no liability for the accuracy of the payrolls, testimony by representatives from labor unions in support of the bill indicated an assumption that public agencies would be reviewing the payrolls for accuracy of worker classifications.  The bill is unclear about what the responsibilities and liabilities public agencies would have under the proposed legislation.

Previous blog:  Click here to read my summary of the bill in my blog from February 23, 2014.
Senate hearing:  Click here to watch and listen to testimony pro and con on HB 2331 before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on February 21, 2014.
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