Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Avoiding the Front Page of the Newspaper: Why Ethics Matters

Newspaper headlines are all too common that highlight ethical lapses by public agencies and public officials, ranging from contracting scandals, receipt of inappropriate gifts and bribes, private use of government resources, conflicts of interest, embezzlement, and sexual misbehavior.  

Training:  Last week, I was in Olympia, Washington where I trained the entire staff of the Port of Olympia on ethics issues to be aware of.  Here's an outline of the 2.5 hour training session:
  • Why Should We Talk About Ethics?
  • What's So Important About Appearances?
  • 8 Areas of Ethical Risk
  • 5 Keys to Making Ethical Decisions
  • 7 Strategies for Dealing with Ethical Issues
  • 7 Risks of Ethical Lapses
  • Summary Steps to Take
Questions to ask:
  • Does your agency have an up-to-date ethics and conflict of interest policy?
  • Do employees know what is in the policy?  Do you provide regular training and discussion on ethics?
  • Does your agency have structures and systems in place to help prevent ethical lapses?
  • What is the culture and tone regarding ethics that is set by the leadership of your agency? 
More information:  If you're interested in discussing how I might help you with your ethics policy and/or training, please contact me.

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