Monday, February 4, 2013

Former New Orleans Mayor Indicted Contract Bribery Scandal

Former New Orleans
Mayor Ray Nagin
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted on 21 counts on January 18, 2013, charging that he accepted more than $200,000 in bribes from city contractors in exchange for helping them get city contracts.

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  • Click here to read the Associated Press article on the subject.

Ethical standards:  Here are some practical tips for public agencies in addressing ethical issues related to contracting:
  • Clear laws and policies:  Contracting regulations exist to ensure equity for businesses seeking government work, and to ensure the taxpayers' dollars are spent wisely.  It is important that public agencies have clear laws and policies in place relating to procurement and contracting.
  • Code of ethics:  Public agencies should have a code of ethics that addresses the responsibilities and expectations of public employees, elected officials, and contractors.  A code of ethics exists in order to help ensure there are no conflicts of interest or inappropriate behavior.
  • Regular training:  Even with the best of procurement policies and a code of ethics, those affected by them must be trained on a regular basis.  Training can help people think through "what if" situations in the presence of colleagues.
  • Create culture of ethics:  Implementation of high ethical standards begins with the leadership of any organization, whether elected officials or key management positions.  These individuals have a responsibility to model high ethical standards and to help create a culture of ethics, instead of a culture of corruption.
  • Checks and balances:  Internal procedures within a public agency should ensure there are sufficient checks and balances in place to help prevent abusive situations. 
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