Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Large Housing Authorities Join Shared Small Works Roster Program

Effective March 2, 2009, the Seattle Housing Authority and the King County Housing Authority dropped maintenance of a separate Small Works Roster for small construction projects.

Instead, the two housing authorities began using the Small Works Roster managed by's Shared Procurement Portal.

Shared Procurement Portal is a partnership between and various local jurisdictions that eliminates the need for individual agencies to staff and maintain separate Rosters.

Under Washington State law (RCW 39.04.155), public agencies may utilize Small Works Rosters as a streamlined method of selecting contractors for construction projects estimated to cost less than $200,000. One of the benefits of using a Small Works Roster program is that projects do not need to be publicly advertised in the newspaper. Instead, competition is limited to those contractors on the Small Works Roster. Contracts are still awarded to the low responsible bidder submitting a responsive bid.

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